AI 4 Good Challenge

Unlocking Economic Development, Green Growth, and Entrepreneurship

Calling on ALL African Startups!

Under the High patronage of the Ministry of the knowledge economy, start-ups and micro-enterprises, and the patronage of Algeria Venture, FUTURIS Institute  is delighted to launch the inaugural edition of AI 4 Good, a Dual Innovation and Sustainability Challenge for Africa, with the Demo Day Grand Finale to be held during the 2nd edition of the African Startup Conference, in Algiers, Algeria, 5-7 Dec, 2023.

What is AI 4 Good?

AI4Good is an African competition that invites visionaries, innovators, and technologists from all over the continent to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence for the betterment of our world. Participants will tackle pressing global issues, applying AI solutions that can drive positive social, environmental, and humanitarian change with a submission deadline of November 15th.

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The Dual Challenge

Africa’s economic development has always been a paramount goal, but now it hinges on two inseparable pillars – innovation and sustainability. Embracing innovation is now recognized as an indispensable and most powerful engine for economic growth. At the same time, the transition to a green economy is essential for building an equitable and flourishing society as well as preserving our natural environment.

The Entrepreneurial Force

In the realm of innovation and sustainability, entrepreneurs are the source of disruptive ideas and the driving force behind this transformative journey. They are the visionaries, the pioneers, and the relentless champions of change. Entrepreneurs possess not only the creative ideas, but also the learning ability, the passion and determination needed to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and prosperous Africa. With an estimated 60% of the continent’s population under 30 years-old, our youth have the most to lose from accepting the current unsustainable status-quo, and the most to gain from leading us to a far more flourishing and vibrant future through their entrepreneurial drive.

Training for Success

Integral to the challenge is a two-month arduous selection and in-depth training program that begins with registration on October 1, 2023. This program equips participating teams with essential concepts and tools for innovation, sustainability, and the entrepreneurial journey. The training journey encompasses:
Concepts of Innovation: A deep dive on what defines innovation in the Information Age and how to identify and develop enterprise-level opportunities.
Sustainability Essentials: An exploration of sustainable business practices that align with environmental and social responsibility and how to embed sustainability in a startup’s DNA as a lens for innovation and a source of competitive advantage; in other words how to do good and do well at the same time.
Entrepreneurial Guidance: An in-depth learning of the entrepreneurial process, tools and methods using a scientific approach from idea conception to market entry.

The selected teams will be trained in person by world-Class innovator, business leader, coach and scholar, Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, co-founder and Academic Director of Futuris Institute.

A final word

The AI 4 Good Challenge is more than just a competition; it’s a structured educational journey, led by FUTURIS Institute, the first accredited higher education institute specializing in the teaching and learning of innovation and technology entrepreneurship in Algeria and the African Continent. Join us as we prepare the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with the mindset, the knowledge and tools necessary to drive positive change in Africa’s business landscape. Together, we will contribute to a sustainable future, one innovation at a time. Let’s join our forces to do good and to do well! Register Now!

The Timeline

Registration opens! Calling on all visionary entrepreneurs!01 Oct – 07 Nov, 2023
Pre-selection for training08-11 Nov 2023
Accelerated Training (6 sessions) – Train to Compete13-16 Nov 2023
Submit your 3-minute video presentation – Pitch your Innovation18-21 Nov 2023
Selection of National Finalists 22-24 Nov 2023
Virtual Demo day in each country – Showcase Your Brilliance28 Nov 2023
Announcement of Continental Finalists – Get ready for Algiers Finale29 Nov 2023
Final training & pitch rehearsals in Algiers the White4-5 Dec 2023
Demo Day & Grand Finale – Inspire the World06 Dec 2023

Call for Judges and Mentors

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, innovator, investor or business leader who’s active in the African continent and would like to contribute to this challenge, then welcome! Please click here to register with the African country in which you’re active. Together let’s make Africa the Startup Continent!

Watch the AI4Good video here

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to have a ready idea to register?

Yes, you and your team must agree and come up with a startup idea, but that idea can be at any stage of development from the idea stage to the early revenue stage.

2. Do I have to have a team or can I register solo?

Solo registration shall be rejected. You must have a team with a minimum of 2 teammates, and a maximum of 8 (including yourself).

3. Is the challenge open to University professors or mixed teams that include University professors?

Yes. Participation of University faculty and researchers in any form is highly encouraged

Any questions or inquiries should be directed to with the Subject Title: AI 4 GOOD IDEA SUBMISSION . You may also contact us on Instagram @futurisalgeria