Life in S'tif

Setif’s name is drawn from the tamazight (aka berbere) word “Z’dif”, which means “black lands” and refers to the fertility of its lands. Z’dif was an important city of the Amazigh kingdom of Numidia, to later become Setifis, the capital of Mauratania Sitifensis, before finally becoming Musim Setif during the Muslim futuhat (conquest) of the Maghreb.

A City Buzzing With Life

One thing that you won’t find in S’tif is boredom; Es-Stayfiya have a well-deserved reputation for fast-paced life, fast-driven cars and a crave for thrills and adventure. As innovators and entrepreneurs, you will be in good company.

Student Activities

Being at the heart of a buzzing city, you’ll have walking access to the biggest mall in Eastern Algeria, a beautiful amusement park in the historic Roman fort of old Setifis, plenty of delicious fast food and fine dining restaurants, and several athletic clubs.

Social Life

With plenty of mosques, cafés, food joints, parks and gardens all within a walking distance, you never have to worry about where to hangout with friends or meet new ones. Right next to the Park Mall, there is also the Archeological Museum of Setif which displays a rich array of antic collections spanning the Numedian, Roman and Islamic eras, as well as some unique and rare documents.


There are many options to travel around town and beyond.

Setif Tram: within less than 50 meters from the Institute, it provides an Eco-friendly, reliable and safe transportation to all the four corners of town.

Taxis: are stationed right outside the curbside of the Park Mall with zero wait time.

Train station: within a short walking distance, it provides comfortable transportation to all the major cities of Algeria for a very reasonable price


The Park Mall provides 24/7 secured and underground parking for a reasonable fee.

The Park Mall Experience

FUTURIS is located in the very heart of the city and in the newest and largest attraction of the city: Park Mall; the largest mall of the country.

Foods for All Tastes

An Athlete's Dream

Arts & Culture

Proximity to Everywhere

Safe & Friendly

Healthy & Clean

Considered as the Trade Capital of Algeria; Setif is the second largest wilaya in the country, by its number of residents, is host to one of the largest industrial zone in the country, three large universities counting more than 60,000 students in total, and is within less than 3 hours of highway drive to Algiers and all the largest cities of the East, North and Southern Algeria.