Know Us Better

About Us

The FUTURIS Approach

If you seek to study and learn how you can take charge of your own destiny and bring a meaningful change to our world, then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t use any special formula to evaluate our applicants. We look at every applicant’s academic and personal achievements; their character and their passions, and we only select those who we believe will be the leaders of the future. 

Our Philosophy

  1. In the knowledge Economy, the most powerful asset is the “knowledge worker”.
  2. By  arming our youth with the knowledge and know-how of Innovation and entrepreneurship,  we believe they will lead our country to a just and prosperous future. The FuturIs  Yours!

FUTURIS Principles

  1. Entrepreneurship can only be learned through practice
  2. Innovation and leadership are two sides of the same coin
  3. The most valuable resources for innovation is our imagination and passion for change

Keys To Success

  1. See opportunity in every difficulty, rather than difficulty in every opportunity
  2. Act on your convictions and don’t listen to the naysayers
  3. Team up with those who share your hopes, not those who share your fears

Real world, Hands-on Training

Start your own Startup while getting a Master’s degree that will change your whole life. Learn the innovation and entrepreneurial management skills, and apply those skills to develop and commercialize innovative products and solutions for the Knowledge Economy, all while you’re still under our watch and our guidance.

Learn from the leaders

At FUTURIS, you will not only learn directly from the best academic experts, but also from the practitioners who have commercialized real world innovative products. Each team will also be mentored by top-notch business and technical mentors in their field.

Powerful Network

The network is power. As a FUTURIS student you will be automatically welcomed to our incredibly powerful and generous network of partners and mentors, which include top members of the Algerian diaspora, business schools, incubators, and investors.